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Yakima Athletic Club YAC Fitness
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Member Stories

"I have enrolled in the Yakima Athletic Club in the past and I do like what the club offers in the way of fitness equipment, a pool, yoga classes, and a hot tub.  With the specials offered now, it is as reasonable as the other fitness clubs.   I’ll be joining the Athletic Club again this month.
- Phyllis B.

Claudia before Claudia after "I have always been an active person & enjoy working out & keeping my body in good physical condition. So after gaining 70lbs during my first pregnancy I was not only shocked but very determined to get back to the best physical shape that I could. I had a lot of people tell me that my body will never be the same, or it won't be easy... But I never let that stop me. I REFUSED to be the girl that let herself go after having a baby. So when my new baby girl was 5 weeks old I suited up for my first day back at the gym. I was so embarrassed to be seen out in public at 200lbs but that made me want to be there even more! For the first 4 weeks I would take my baby with me & set her right next to me in her car seat while I did 35-45min on the elliptical. Then when she was old enough to be in the daycare that's when I started slowly incorporating strength training with my cardio. I was so surprised at how weak I was after having my baby! A few months before I was pregnant I had been working with Tanner & training 3 hours a day for a Sprint Triathlon- Cycling 14 miles a day, running 3 miles at a time & swimming half a mile right after. All on a weekly basis!!! So when I couldn't even do a lunge with out my legs shaking under me -- that would make more driven to keep going. So after about 3 month of going to the gym 3-5 days a week & healthy eating habits I lost about 25lbs. Which is good but not good enough for me, I wanted to look & feel stronger. So I stared replacing my lunch with the Coco Lopez Shake that they have at the snack bar & started going to the Endurance RPM class. I was still steadily loosing weight but after a while I was starting to plateau & was looking for something new. I joined the noon Bootcamp class in November. That's when my body started to change fast! I kept up with RPM also & I didn't have to workout as much during the week. In February of 2011 I also signed up for a nine week TRX class. I love the new challenges & physical changes I am seeing from TRX. I can now proudly say that from February 2010 to February of 2011 I have lost a total of 70lbs all from regular excersize, healthy eating habits, & positive thinking. I never let "I can't's" or "I won't's" ever enter my head or leave my lips. I never let anything get in my way of working towards my goal. I feel amazing & want to inspire others to do the same. People sometimes say to me, "But I don't have time to workout.." I say YES you do!! There is 24 hours in a day I'm 100% sure you can devote 45 minutes to your health & body! Or, "Your so lucky weight just fell off of you. I can't loose it as easily.." I say actually no, you can find my BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS on the floors of that gym!! I believe in making my "Gym Time" a top priority in my life, just as important as brushing my teeth everyday. There is no magic pill or secret diet. It's just about getting yourself active & healthy. Challenging yourself to do things that you didn't think were possible."
- Claudia Vizcarra
 "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"
- Audrey Hepburn 
"It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself."
- Muhammad Ali
Erica Dore before Erica Dore after
"It has taken me my whole life to have that "ah ha" moment.  Generations of yo-yo dieters and poor body image needed to be stopped! After giving birth to my second daughter in December 2012, I knew we had to break the cycle.  Six weeks after my daughter was born, I hit the gym...HARD! I started off by going to Body Pump, Body Attack, and Body Combat.  That helped me get some of the weight off, but after my sister-in-law convinced me to take the Bootcamp and Special Forces classes, I knew I would make my goals.  At first, I was winded, sore, achy, and completely beat up, but I knew it was exactly what I needed to help me lose the weight.  Gina kept me accountable with weekly weigh ins.   Each week, whether I lost weight or gained weight, she talked me through what I did that week to get that outcome.  There was no judgment, just encouragement.  Each trainer in the group training classes pushed me to my limits.  Just when I thought I couldn't lift any more, they pushed me to add another plate, go up to the next weight, and do 5 more reps.  For the first time in my life, I'm happy with my body.  My confidence is higher and I feel like I have a lot more energy.  I feel like I am positive role model for my girls now."
- Erica Dore
Heidi Meeley before Heidi Meeley After "After years of working out and yo-yo dieting, my job changed and I started traveling full time. I ballooned up to 238 pounds and went into full denial about my life. In July 2012, I tried to walk a quarter mile and it was so hard I ended up crying and feeling devastated. I knew I needed a change.
I re-joined the Yakima Athletic Club on November 1, 2012. It was hard to walk through the doors because I was so embarrassed about my appearance. I did cardio six days a week, starting at 15 minutes at a time and working my way up to a half hour. I also added weight lifting as time went on. A turning point was when I entered the Get in Shape Contest. The physical requirements for the contest included running. I was able to run a full mile for the first time in my adult life by the time the contest concluded and felt a renewed sense of purpose, along with a significant weight loss. 
In May 2013, I started taking boot camp classes and solidified a weight lifting regimen. The shift from focusing on weight loss to concentrating on functional fitness was the edge I needed to make the changes I really desired. I can see muscles now, and I feel great. I ran a 5K race and placed in my age class. I ran the Pirates Plunder race with fellow YAC members and it was an amazing feeling.
My journey continues today with new fat loss and conditioning goals. I have had so much support from the trainers and employees at the club that they have become like family to me. I have made friends with members and look forward to seeing them at classes and boot camps. It is a wonderful feeling to walk through the front doors now!"
- Heidi Meeley
Cody and Tesia Brown before   "When we joined the Yakima Athletic Club in the summer of 2012 we both weighed close to 250 lbs. After participating in the club’s Get In Shape Contest, their awesome  group fitness classes and our favorite, small group training classes, we have collectively lost over 63 lbs and 26% body fat. We are so happy with our progress and have been supported by the staff and our Personal Trainers the whole way.
Thanks for making such a positive impact on our lives Yakima Athletic Club!"

- Cody and Tesia Brown

Jason Stiles after "Hey guys, my name is Jay and I used to think that I wasn’t going to make it another day at the gym. Every day I would take a half-breathe along with a half-sigh as I walked through that gym door and walked by other people working hard to sculpt their bodies. I used to think that everybody was staring at me. It wasn’t till about three or four weeks into my mission that I realized that the people who I thought were staring at me were only rooting for me. The staff and members at YAC Fitness are so great, like my own fitness family. So I will leave you with this important information:"
1. If you have questions on how to do something properly, don’t be afraid to ask someone. 
2. Strive for progress, not perfection
- Jason Stiles


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